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Sometimes expressed as the percentage of the universe of a target audience, however it is measured by the total number of unique users who will see the ad over a specific period of time.  [edit]
Reciprocal linking
the practice of trading links between websites. [edit]
where the Internet user is automatically taken to another web page address without him/her clicking on anything. Redirects are generally not good for search engine rankings, as they dilute PageRank. There is also the risk that the search engine spider will not follow your redirect. [edit]
Referral Fees
Fees paid in exchange for delivering a qualified sales lead or purchase inquiry. For example, an affiliate drives traffic to other companies' sites, typically in exchange for a percentage of sales or a flat referral fee. [edit]
a web page, containing a link to your web page, that delivered your visitor to your web page. For example, if Google's search results (for example on a search for "britney spears") contained a link to a page on your site and the user clicked on that link t [edit]
the likelihood that a given web page will be of interest or useful to a search engine user for a keyword search. [edit]
Remnant Inventory
Low-cost advertising space that is relatively undesirable or otherwise unsold. [edit]
format and stylize HTML source code into the final format for the visitor's screen. For example, text within <b> tags will be made bold. [edit]
Repeat Visitor
A repeat visitor is a single individual or browser who accesses a website or webpage more than once over a specified period of time.  [edit]
a copy of a dynamic web site or a group of web pages from a dynamic site, saved as static HTML files. [edit]
submitting your web page address(es) to search engines after you've already submitted those addresses previously or after the search engine has already included your site in its index. Search engines don't like it when you resubmit as it simply clutters their queue with duplicate requests. [edit]
can refer to SERPs [edit]
as in "URL rewriting" [edit]
see "spider" [edit]
Text file placed in a websites root directory and linked in the html code.

Allows for SEO's to control the actions of search engine spiders on the site or even deny them access. [edit]
ROI - Return On Investment
The benefit gained in return for the cost of investing budget into advertising or project. ROI can be measured by the following calculation:

"Total Revenues (generated from campaign or project) minus Total Costs"  [edit]
Run of Site (ROS)
The scheduling of ads across an entire site, often at a lower cost than the purchase of specific pages or sub-sections of the site. A run-of-site ad campaign is rotated on all general, non-featured ad spaces on a site. [edit]