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Hidden Text - SEO Spam Tactic

Hidden Text is a SEO spam tactic to hide contextual html text from human visitors to a webpage, however making it available to search engines to spider the text.

The theory is that if you place more relevant html text content on the page rich with targeted keywords, then it will assist the page gaining ranking within search engine results. Some website owners do like text content on their page because they believe it negatively affects their brand and user web experience. So, they hide the text in the hope that the page will still rank for targeted keywords.

Hidden Text is an illegal technique as search engines consider it search engine spam. By undertaking this practice, it will eventually harm natural search performance of a website.

Google Quality Guidelines specify to “Avoid hidden text or hidden links”.

Yahoo!’s Search Content Quality Guidelines also considers “the use of text or links hidden from the user” unwanted.

Submitted by Jacqui Jones - Netconcepts